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When she was told that her channel had been misidentified as an outlet for terrorist propaganda, she could hardly contain her laughter.“It was a series of unfortunate events,” a You Tube rep told her.Low-risk patients often get false positives, leading to dangerous and wasteful misapplications of radiation and chemotherapy.This drastic enforcement action followed months of notifications from You Tube, in which O’Brien was told that three of her videos had been flagged for containing “gratuitous violence.” None of the videos, however, depict any actual scenes of violence, except for one that includes footage of American helicopter pilots gunning down civilians in Iraq, which has been widely viewed on You Tube for half a decade.Adding context within the video, like commentary or text, helps us understand background and intent.” Cancer is the worst.

For all types of content on You Tube, but particularly with graphic content, adding context is important in helping the You Tube team review a video when it is flagged.

According to the rep, one way this can be done is by using You Tube’s built-in tools that allow users to add captions, cards or endcards to their videos.

O’Brien asked if it were sufficient to add a caption that reads something like, “This for archival purposes.

It began a few years ago, City Lab explains, after he fell off his bike while traveling over a railroad crossing in Knoxville to get to a football game. Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy and convicted instead of “wanton publication,” a charge that, as O’Brien notes, “had never been used before, and is not tied to any existing federal statute or article in the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.” The sheer complexity of the case, the minute details of which are sparsely understood by the public, illustrate a need for records such as those catalogued by O’Brien to be maintained, even perhaps by You Tube, in spite of its squeamish attitude toward terrorism-related content.

Last month, a You Tube spokesperson admitted , however, that its programs “aren’t perfect,” nor are they “right for every setting.” But in many cases, the spokesperson said, its AI has proven “more accurate than humans at flagging videos that need to be removed.” In a call Wednesday, a You Tube representative told Alexa: “Humans will continue to make mistakes, just like any machine system would obviously be flawed.” The machine, which prioritizes the content reviewed by human eyes, wasn’t “quite ready,” she said, to recognize the context under which controversial content is uploaded.

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