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Soon afterward, her manager reported that a caller had been barraging her office, pleading for Heather’s telephone number. “I wanted to send her flowers or invite her to something…anything just to talk to her.” Lee was in luck.Scott Baio, Heather’s beau two years ago, was a fling of the past, as was actor Mark Harmon (who, after their entanglement, described Locklear as “an emotional cup of coffee”).

Listen: Last fall Lee, the drummer for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, was on tour.

Both say that their first date—dinner at an Italian restaurant and the late show at the Comedy Store—was the clincher.

When Lee arrived at Locklear’s Tudor house in Tarzana, he looked every inch the motley rocker.

“I came downstairs,” recalls Heather, “saw Tommy and ran back upstairs to make my hair wilder.

It was great.” Lee, for his part, was already smitten; as soon as Heather agreed to see him, he made a jubilant phone call to his mother.

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When Locklear, 24, and Lee, 23, plighted their troth in a lavish ceremony at the Santa Barbara Biltmore on May 10, it was the culmination of one of the more unusual courtships in celebdom—a white-lace-and-promises demonstration of the notion that opposites attract.

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