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If you don't specify the rcfile name, getmail looks for a ~/.getmail/getmailrc file.Therefore, whether you call it getmailrc-home or just home, you'll get an error unless you specify the rcfile as shown above.Using version 4.2.2 as an example Free BSD and Gentoo both include a getmailrc-example file.

(I use maildrop as my example because it's what I use--many others use procmail.) For user john, with an email address of [email protected], email user name john, a password of 1234, and an ISP whose pop server name is com, we would like our getmailrc to look like this.My personal experience has been that it seems to at least be a little faster. Most distributions have python so it is rare that this will be problem. Debian and some others, as of October 2004 are still using version 3.x For information about 3.x please see my getmail 3.x page.As fetchmail is still far better known, the chances are that you don't have getmail installed. At a command line type If you get a response like /usr/bin/getmail or /usr/local/bin/getmail, you can skip to step 3. First follow the instructions in the QND software guide for information on getting and installing getmail.[options] verbose = 0 delete = True [retriever] type = Simple POP3Retriever server = com username = john password = 1234 [destination] type = MDA_external path = /usr/local/bin/maildrop unixfrom = True and adjust your getmailrc accordingly.(The same holds for procmail, or any other external MDA) As gmail becomes more and more popular, folks are often making use of its pop download feature, enabling you to receive gmail email on your normal client.

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