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The cost for a plumber to rebuild a unit versus installing a new one is a wash." But even if you're just in decorating mode, it rarely makes financial sense to re-glaze an old sink."Do not reglaze old sinks unless they are irreplaceable antique pieces," says Mark.Others include tubs and showers, surrounds, toilets, flooring and sinks, and contractors and experts have all sorts of handy rules of thumb for evaluating each.Before you decide about individual elements, though, the pros recommend answering the question, "Am I re-decorating or re-designing? Surgery"The critical factor when you're deciding which elements you can keep in a bathroom remodel is to know the difference between decorating and remodeling," says Deborah, who is also the residential design spokesperson for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).But refinishing loses its economic appeal the moment you decide to rip other parts of the bathroom, says Mark."If flooring and wall coverings are coming out, replace the tub, don't refinish or reglaze it." When to Stick with the Surround The rule of thumb on tub surrounds is to stick with tile but trash anything else in a remodel."In my own bathroom, I have two long, tall and expensive mirrors that literally sit on the backsplash," says Deborah.

When it's dry and done, it's non-porous and looks identical to a granite counter." The counter's just one of the "big ticket" bathroom elements to scrutinize before you proceed with a bath makeover.If your tub is nicked or someone has used abrasive cleaners on it to the point where it's grey at best after cleaning, then the decision to refinish or replace becomes financial.The National Kitchen and Bath Association says an average bathtub removal and replacement costs ,000."If cost is the driving factor, refinishing the tub is probably your best option." If it's just the "god-awful colors" on the tub that are driving your decision, refinishing is also an option in lieu of replacement."The four biggest offenders we tend to take care of are avocado green, harvest gold, rose and what I call ugly brown," says Don.

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"Tile surrounds can be successfully refinished or reglazed if the tile and grout are in good condition or repaired," says Dream Maker's Mark.

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