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Drinks are priced about on par with other strip clubs, beers in the range and liquor drinks a few dollars more, and the food is, once again, better than most bar food you will get.

I would not order the steak, as the quality of meat is not going to be what you’d get at a real restaurant, but for sandwiches and appetizers this is not a bad option for late-night dining.

The cover charge depends on when you go and can be as little a to as much as during special events.

7770 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33138, 305-631-2564 the burlesque clubs of the 1940s and 50s had survived and evolved with the South Beach nightclubs of today, they would probably look a lot like Wonderland. Because as you step into the cavernous theater on the northern end of the City of Miami on 77th and Biscayne Blvd, the experience is a trip into another era mixed with our own.

The new management has gotten rid of most of those girls, and now Gold Rush is one of the tougher places to do more than what is legal.

Regular lap dances are , and extras are always negotiable. The upside is that it has created a much less sleazy atmosphere, and as such is probably your best bet if you son’t want to go far from South Beach.

For a city its size, Miami really has a lot of Strip Clubs. I mean so many that you will often be going to visit your boss in some upscale section of town and directions will include “Turn right at the purple neon sign.” In some cities this may be an indicator of a less-than-desirable neighborhood. Or somewhere you can go and drink cheap beer while looking at cheap women? Or are you looking for a little more for your strip club dollar?

Now if only they could get you a break on those bottles of “champagne.” Gold Rush is perhaps the most visible Strip Club in Miami.So if one caught your eye as she tossed her G-String in your face, you can ask a waitress to find her.The waitresses can also bring you anything from their full-liquor bar.The upper level of Wonderland is adorned with plush couches and tables with silver buckets ripe for expensive bottle service.A single stage in front of a brick wall has one topless entertainer, who is as much a part of the décor as she is the entertainment.

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And while Gold Rush certainly gives off an upscale vibe from the outside, the inside is not what one would expect.

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