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Therefore, as a transitional phase, reporting overall scores/subscales will be allowed.

Outcome collection occasions are managed by the provider organisations via upload.

The rule is if more than one summary score is missing the Total Score is set to missing, value 99.

Items 28-32 are not completed if respondents have answered “No” to Item 26, which asks for an overall opinion about difficulties being present.

It is managed by the PHN’s via the PMHC MDS administrative interface, it cannot be uploaded. Practitioner data is intended to provide workforce planning data for use regionally by the PHN and nationally by the Department.

It is managed by the provider organisations via either the PMHC MDS administrative interface or upload.

At a minimum, collection of outcome data is required at both Episode Start and Episode End, but may be more frequent if clinically indicated and agreed by the client.

Measures will be the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale K10 (in the case of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, the K5) as well as the Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaires. Provider Organisation data is for administrative use within the PMHC MDS system.

Some items are only collected once at the episode level, while others are collected at each A Collection Occasion is defined as an occasion during an Episode of Care when the required outcome measure is to be collected.Episodes comprise a series of one or more Service Contacts.This structure allows for a logical data collection protocol that specifies what data are collected when, and by whom.In this case, all Item responses for Items 27 through 33 should be coded “8” for “not applicable”, and the impact score should be coded to zero.Item 27 is not included in the Impact Score since it assesses the chronicity of the difficulties- the length of time they have been present.

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