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You need to raise a mametchi , memetchi , kuchipatchi , or violetchi.

The mametchi needs to mary a Chantochi , the memetchi needs to mary a mumutchi , the kuchipatchi needs to marry a yonepatchi , and the violetchi needs to marry a Sukatchi. Once that is done correctly , they will evolve into parent and produce 2 eggs .

Tamagotchi France est désormais compatible avec l'extension Fast disponible pour votre navigateur. For those who don't know how to do this , i will explain the buttons, etc. The two oldest will always be a boy or a girl who will grow up to be in the same group when they evolve into adults.----- To feed your tamagotchi , go to the second icon. Some foods with "sparkles" around them increase hearts by more than 1.

Avec cette extension, vérifiez s'il y a des nouveaux sujets sur ce forum en un clic depuis n'importe quelle page ! Examples are : the ginger bread church , the fried egg and the mushroom.

When they do this , a question mark will be displayed over their heads. The time and date comes up quicker than any other versions.

Go to the Smiley icon with the speech bubble ( icon # 6 ) and click it ( B ). Just push B when none of the icons are highlighted.

To change the time or Date , push a combination of C and A when it is on the time/date screen When you are on the time and date screen , you can change the contrast by pushing C and B. Turning the contrast lower save battery.-----there are 4 games. To receive items/points you played there , enter the log out code.

You cant play the 3rd and 4th one till your on the second is how you play them all Tv Surfing A tamagotchi will be displayed on the upper right side . You have to be an adult to not sure how to play the connection games. Special - Get items that you would usually buy , for free Click here for binarys codes It includes items - what you can use Rare - what you can use Souviners- what you can look atand Medicine - to heal your tama when its items/rares have sparkle around them , they increase your tama's happiness !

As long as you don't reset your Tama , your family name will always be the same.sometimes no cups will be facing up or sometimes they both will be. - If you hit the ball incorrectly, possibly hitting the father, it's game over! so go into the shop prepared , because if you leave to go make points , when you come back , it might not be there! and you can only get 100 points in the games , which makes it challenging. If your tama trys to go on the dating show , the match maker ( ms. You can go on the dating show 48 hours after you(ur tamas) evolve into and adult. it dose not have to be the first born/main character once you pick the mate , the character you chose to mary will say good by to his or her siblingsthe sibs will go to tama planet tams you married will become parent and produce new eggs o_o" At times , random animations have been reported- first born raiding the fridge- parent kissing-parent vaccuming- dad watching tv with son or daughteretc...Golf putt When the arrow is in the right position press the A or B buttons to hit the ball! -Shoe Match Game Use the A or B buttons to match the shoes! -----This shows who's you've connected with and your past tamas will only show up in your memo if they've died , ( i think )on your friends , there is different levels in friend ship. ORpressing the C button can make certain things happening depending on Bond.you can have unlimited of both.-----Like the other versions. Under that it will say blendid family ( if ur on your first gen ). On the next 3 pages your characters will be shown individually. the one using the bathroom is the one who needs to go.you can have a "smart" family , an "easy-going" family , or a " cheerful " family , depending on how you trained them ( training after this )After that on the next page , it will show what generation you are on , how much "points" you have , and your family name. Showing what character , and what role it plays in the family ( daughter , mom , son , etc )----Training is way different in the Familitchi. Your Tamas will make a little " jungle tune " and call for TRAINING. The first one is Smart , the second one is Cheerful , and the last one is easy going. Click here for more information on that =]Training increases bonding .-----That is the third icon. if you don't catch them using the bathroom , then when they poop , it will make a beep noise ( which I find kinda funny , like a fart , lol ^^ ) You wont here it if the sound is off/-----The sound can easily be turned off/on by pressing A and C at the same time.

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I personally really enjoy the games on this version because there is a Tennis game, and I love Tennis lol There isn't much to say about this version that hasn't been said about the V5 already, so I won't bother writing much else.

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