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I hoped people would regard me as they might Iggy Pop or Slash or any other iconic figure whose latter-day sobriety was an interesting turn in a long saga. Mostly, it turns out, people don't care what you do if it doesn't affect them directly.And anyway, I wasn't after anybody's admiration; I just wanted their company. But as far as lost jobs, injured bystanders, or jail time are concerned, I quit drinking in May 2010 with a clean record. People don't know how to react when you tell them you've ended a lengthy period of sobriety, particularly if the interaction occurs while you're clutching a decanter of amber liquid. My high-strain endurance boozing at even the most civil and daylight-tinged gatherings never seemed to yield any irreversible fallout. I'll probably never look certain people in the eye again; certain doorways, I've likely darkened for the last time.Wopat will be taking personal time to address his ongoing struggle with substance abuse,'Tom definitely understands that sobriety is the sole course for a successful future and will take immediate steps to achieve it.'The actor apologized to all those affected by the incident but still 'firmly denies' the allegations of inappropriate touching.'Mr.

The 65-year-old Tony Award-nominated actor played Luke Duke on the 1980s television show The Dukes of Hazzard.

Your nuclear-grade smile and giddy tone should provide context clues, but these details might be misinterpreted as a sarcastic celebration of failure. They greeted the news with concern and reprehension, responses ideal for when somebody has fallen off the wagon. What I had done instead was a comprehensively debated, intentional dismount from said wagon.

Admittedly, it was anybody's guess whether I'd stick the landing.

On the surface, I didn't like the attention when people found out I didn't drink; old friends attempting to goad me into a relapse, first dates looking at me like there was a red flag stitched across my face.

But I'm a writer: Obviously, I crave attention.

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It wasn't just with alcohol, though, but with everything. This insatiable appetite crescendoed in college, when I topped out at over 300 pounds, and drank like I wanted to jailbreak my bodily form and become pure energy.

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