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Within the 25 "moist" counties, 57 city governments have legalized alcohol sales inside their city limits.

There is wide variation of restrictions placed on the possession and movement of alcohol in the "damp" villages, some villages permit residents to order alcohol from stores outside the ban area and have it shipped in, while other villages require the person owning the alcohol to personally bring the alcohol into their jurisdiction.

The family's Christian beliefs are so extreme that daughter Jill, right, was forbidden from helping Susanna Keller, left, the youngest sister of Anna Duggar, when she became pregnant outside of wedlock in 2012All that changed in 2012 when she became pregnant with daughter Noelle.

Patriarch Jim Bob felt that 'Keller's slide into sin' warranted cutting off all contact and striking even the mention of Susanna's name from the family’s show.

TLC has given fans a taste of what's to come in the all-new season of 19 Kids & Counting, which picks up after Jill Duggar, 23, and 25-year-old Derick Dillard's engagement announcement at the end of season eight.

The new episodes, which debut September 2, will take viewers inside the manic planning of a thrifty-but-huge Duggar wedding, and chart parents Jim Bob and Michelle's emotional rite-of-passage as they prepare to give away their first daughter.

Public bars (so-called "open saloons") are illegal in these dry counties.And the Duggars are fighting my right to do so,' said Barnfield. If you won't let me get married, I'm going to make out with my girlfriend in front of you.'Evelyn featured in an early episode of the reality show when the Duggar family had a get together with Michelle's siblings and her father.Girlfriend Sharon wasn't featured or even mentioned in the episode.Kansas had prohibition longer than any other state, from 1881 to 1948, and continued to prohibit bars selling liquor by the drink until 1987.Both the 1948 amendment to the Kansas Constitution which ended prohibition and the 1986 amendment which allowed for open saloons provided that the amendments only would be in effect in counties which had approved the respective amendments, either during the election over the amendment itself or subsequently.

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