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in search of the next best thing, sushi, but settled on Korean tapas. She really, really likes my ass -- a fetish that is apparently unbelievable, according to one mythical goddess of the queer blogosphere. Their bodies are unruly, the lighting is jarring, and the scene feels authentic because you can see their imperfections.Two glasses of Cabernet and a bowl of sesame seaweed later, we were full-on talking about sex. I commend the bravery of the actresses; the sex is not slow, is not epically sensual, and does not conclude in a mere gentle embrace.What struck me the most about the initial sex scene in was not its length; all six minutes are magnificently warranted. After years of watching and writing about queer cinema, this is the first film I've seen that attempts to expose a wide range of lesbian sexual practices and actually succeeds in clearly depicting the plethora of ways in which two women can move against, explore and feel one another's bodies during sex.The scene even concludes with the women in the position that they would have likely fallen into had they come to climax via tribbing (popularly known as "scissoring"), resting intertwined in one another's thighs as they catch their breath.

Support queer filmmakers by donating to a crowdfunding campaign! A rhetorical question for the road: Why waste energy demeaning, debasing, or looking down on other people's vision, experiences, or interpretations of lesbian sex, especially within the context of such a beautifully crafted film? It is absolutely mind-blowing, intimate, passionate, sexy, dirty, hot, and intensely pleasurable and has been part of my personal sexual repertoire for about 10 years now.Curvy black milf Vanessa Blue seduces white gardener Manuel Ferrara with her massive tits and big bubble ass. She takes his rod doggystyle after giving head by the pool.A young doctor kills himself after a medical committee terminates his research into human embryos, considering it too inhumane.Forgoing clichés, the scene is not categorically arousing. Throughout, it not only showcases Adèle's innocence and instinctual desires but foreshadows the power struggle induced by Emma's broad palate of sexual experience and her affected social class.While the attack on director Abdellatif Kechiche's character may be valid (it's been said that his methods included brutal, often excruciating repetition during filming), one need only look at Adèle's face throughout the sexual encounter to realize that the emotional arc he achieves is brilliant; he succeeds in visually juxtaposing Adèle's sensitivity and introspective nature with her evolving penchant for passionate, hedonistic sex.

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From arousal to climax, no close up is too close, no position too jarring.

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