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Chances are he'll eventually get caught; if he didn't, the story wouldn't have the same dramatic impact. Way back in the day, when marriage was considered permanent and divorce was a word whispered fearfully by gossiping old ladies, The Affair was a shocker of a storyline, and very often an automatic Moral Event Horizon for the cheating partner.However, it's worth noting that even further back in the day, the gods, goddesses and minor side characters of mythology listed "infidelity" under "Hobbies", didn't particularly care if their new "partner" was willing, and got away with it.

Most of us recognize this type of plot: Bob is married to Alice.He doesn't dump her, he doesn't tell her that he thinks the marriage is on the rocks, he doesn't talk to her about Polyamory or swinging, he doesn't even ask for "more space".He continues to play the part of her husband, and expects her to continue being his wife, hoping that Alice won't notice when he starts coming in late for dinner, or ask him about the mysterious expenditures on their joint account.The present study examined whether relationship quality indicators differed overall between three types of relationship agreements, and found them to be equally satisfying. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 13, 1-30.4. A clear next step for researchers would be to examine how and why these non-monogamous relationships are thriving, even compared to more traditional relationships.

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There were no significant differences by relationship type.

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