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After trying several international dating services, I decided to hire a boutique matchmaker in Geneva.My criteria was very selective and I knew exactly what I wanted and Sélect Partner was up for the challenge! We pride ourselves on our one-on-one contact with our clients throughout Switzerland or Europe in order to truly get to know you and discover exactly what you are looking for in order to allow us to make a key selection of "sélect" partners that match your criteria.

Contact us right now and schedule a private consultation at 41 22 700 55 55 We also provide Additional "Tips for Successful Dating" services that can help you in making the right choice, attracting that special someone or mentoring you in the areas of presentation and personal confidence and Additional “Life Style” services that can help you in making your first dating process easier or saving your precious time.The older we get the harder is to find the right partner to share your life with.As a Company CEO I founded it hard to meet high quality single ladies who could understand and relate to my lifestyle.I really appreciated their personal approach and quality clientele that I have encouraged my best friend to join the service.It's a pleasure working with you, beautiful Orlane!

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So make sure that you totally trust who you’re talking to before you give them any personal contact information.

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