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The percentage dips down to 50 percent when the couple consists of a African American husband a white wife.

However, there is a tremendous decrease to 4 percent involving a white man and an Asian woman in contrast to a couple consisting of a white man and a white woman.

Generational differences can be the product of three different but overlapping processes, and it is often difficult to disentangle each from the others. The biological impact of aging and the changing roles that people play as they grow older typically produce changes in attitudes and social behaviors over time.

In short, young people may be different from older people today, but they may well become more like them tomorrow, once they themselves age. Generation differences can be the byproduct of the unique historical circumstances that members of an age cohort experience during adolescence and young adulthood, when awareness of the wider world deepens and personal identities and values systems are being strongly shaped.

Throughout 2010, the Pew Research Center will use a series of new nationwide surveys, supplemented by our analysis of government demographic economic and education data, to probe more deeply into these and other Millennial personality traits.For example, the probability of divorce by the 10th year of marriage, in comparison to an all-white couple, changes considerably.In case of an Asian husband and a white wife, the chances of the couple ending up in divorce are 59 percent higher than a regular white couple.We’ll also take a close look at diversity among the Millennials themselves.Generations may have personalities, but they are not monolithic.

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  1. Having to hide who you are dating, watching him fade away and in a 27 second phone call having him state he’s leaving you for another, and then have the past you had together publically and not, edited out as if it never happened. Just be careful not to hurt anyone else on the way!