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Any bets on whether Tom decides to try to move on to his other Oblivion co-star, Andrea Riseborough once it becomes clear that Olga’s not interested?Find photos, videos, quotes and news updates about your favorite actresses, singers and more with our Celebrity Babe profiles. Bond Girls in bikinis We love the Bond movies for lots of different reasons, but the eye candy is near the top of the list. And don't miss our Celebrity Babe features and interviews (below), along with our Entertainer profiles.So what do you think of a Tom Cruise/Olga Kurylenko hook up? Celebrity Babes Home | BE's TV Girlfriends | Features | Kickass Babes | Celeb Babe Interviews | Celebrity Slideshows | Supermodels | Videos Home | Movies | Television | Music | Interviews | Bullz-Eye Interactive | Hollywood Girls | Celebrity Babes | Entertainers | Videos | Humor | Games | Books | Contests Entertainment Channel / Bullz-Eye Home Our latest celebrity babe content can be found in the Celebrities category in our new magazine format. Bullz-Eye's TV Girlfriends We hand-selected 100 women from the last 40 years of television and put them into ten categories, based on personality type, career, intelligence (or lack thereof) and even marital status and picked the best of them.

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