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“I’m looking forward to experiencing the other side of the Battle of Alberta,” Cammalleri said Tuesday night.

He had two stints and four productive seasons in Calgary, sandwiched around a stint with the Montreal Canadiens.

However you look at it, Chiarelli dealt a veteran checker for a veteran scorer Tuesday, which makes some sense for the GM of the NHL’s lowest-scoring team, at just 2.24 goals per game.

It’s a swap of two players nearing the end of their careers, one who was deemed too slow in Edmonton, for another who the Oilers hope has the hands left to bury a puck or two. Since he’s entered the league, the one thing he has is an incredible shot and a quick release,” said Mc Lellan of his newest addition.

Or at least, find a way to become an integral part of the team.

Or you can credit Chiarelli for quickly selling the stock, turning the 34-year-old Jokinen — who had just one assist and no goals in 14 games as an Oiler — into 35-year-old former sniper Mike Cammalleri, just 17 games into the season.

If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment.He’ll help beef up an Oilers bottom six that has scored but two goals this season, prior to the Oilers game against Las Vegas Tuesday.And he’ll be asked to help a second power-play unit on a club with the league’s 24th-ranked power play (14.9 per cent).Cammalleri has managed back-to-back points for the first time since coming over to the Oilers from the Kings, but his ice time was actually his lowest total in nine games with the team.The team needed an injection of offense, but he has no goals and just four assists since moving to Edmonton.

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