Holly and fearne go dating episodes

fearne Holly is my first port of call when it comes to discussing relationships.

She’s totally brilliant at coming over and staying up late on the sofa with a bottle of wine – or two.

Because, in the end, we all know what it is like to be let down, to feel that the traffic is all one way, to feel unloved and un-nurtured, to be taken for granted.Some situations can be quite difficult, though, such as keeping male mates when you’re in a relationship.Life is all about balance, which means trying to be true to yourself at the same time as chasing your dreams.There are certain things that are a given: you have to remember birthdays; take their call at midnight, and lend them money for a taxi home and never ask for it back.fearne Time is the biggest thing you can give a friend – time spent listening to them and being relaxed with them. We have both lost count of the times we have been dumped, ditched, dropped or ignored by our nearest and dearest.Sometimes it’s genuinely our fault – a tactless comment here, or letting someone down. But good friends are hard to come by, so we try to hold on to them, as hard as we can…Always try to make amends if you’ve messed up.

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