Grad school and dating

She blogs at Mom’s Plans, where she shares her financial adventures and love of food despite many food intolerances.

With today’s economy, more and more kids are returning to the nest after college, or, in some cases, never leaving.

Although the baseball season is over for New York Yankees rookie star Aaron Judge, his romance with Jen Flaum is red hot.

If you still want to charge your adult child rent if he has a legitimate financial need to move back home, consider a kinder way to do so. First, don’t charge him rent when he first moves in. After 24 months, maybe he will have a significant rent increase.

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To see the other side of this debate, read Jana’s post: Why You Should Charge Adult Children Rent.

While I don’t fault my mom for having me pay 0 for rent, my money was extremely tight.

Had I instead been able to use that money to pay down my student loans or save for graduate school, I would have been in a much better financial position when I did go on to graduate school two years later.

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The duo decided to make their relationship official, showing off their costumes in a photo (above) posted on Flaum’s Instagram page.

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