Goranga dating system v1 01

IF CHECKSUM("DBSRebuilt Complete.esp", D49DA10B) DIRTY: 1 ITM, 299 UDR records. IF CHECKSUM("Darkness Hollows.esp", A81A605C)

West Roads and all dependent patches must be uninstalled before using Roads of Cyrodiil.

Only the basics of the most commonly-used parts of the syntax are covered here. See Roads of Cyrodiil readme for upgrade instructions.

See the BOSS Masterlist documentation file in data/boss-common/ on the BOSS code repository for full details. title=TES4Edit_Cleaning_Guide#Artefacts_of_the_Ancestors.esp_Special_Cleaning_Instructions" IF CHECKSUM("Artefakte der Ahnen.esp", 39CBAE14) DIRTY: 86 ITM, 2 UDR records. IF FILE("West Roads.esp") ERROR: West has been detected.

title=TES4Edit_Cleaning_Guide#Kvatch Rising.esp_Special_Cleaning_Instructions" IF CHECKSUM("Glenvar Castle.esp", 718904AC) DIRTY: 38 ITM, 712 UDR records. As they cannot be easily eliminated and have no effect, cleaning is not necessary.

IF CHECKSUM("AFK_Weye.esp", 564FD290) DIRTY: The "dirty" records in this mod are non-damaging and are automatically generated by the CS when a plugin includes a new worldspace.

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IF CHECKSUM("Wellspring Vale.esp", 3E9D0614) || IF CHECKSUM("Wellspring Vale.esp", 0AFCCFE8) || IF CHECKSUM("Wellspring Vale.esp", 3E90D614) DIRTY: 2 ITM, 134 UDR records. title=TES4Edit_Cleaning_Guide" IF FILE("West Roads.esp") ERROR: West has been detected.

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