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As Sharp at M&S says: “It used to be that people would watch the ad and then find it on the internet. It’s as if we throw a pebble into the pond and watch the ripples spread out via social media.” This does not mean television is less important, however.

Ofcom, the regulator, says 91 per cent of UK adults view televisions on their main set each week, up from 88 per cent in 2002 – helped by the rise of major event programmes such as The X Factor and Downton Abbey.

“Social media keeps the story going,” says Neil Saunders, a retail analyst.

“It’s a second bite of the cherry and it actually drives people to watch the advert.” Still, for all the anticipation, magic and even tears the adverts engender, there is one commercial reality that they cannot quite sugarcoat for Christmas.

In interviews, Garfield also continues to voice his support for the actress.

Secondly, the advert will make its TV debut during The X Factor tomorrow night, watched by nearly eight million viewers, with ITV handing over an entire ad break to John Lewis.

John Lewis, meanwhile, has again eschewed celebrities in favour of trying to make you cry – part of its ambition, in the words of Craig Inglis, its marketing director, to “connect emotionally with our customers”. The store’s animation, using old-fashioned line drawing (by artists who worked on The Lion King), features a rather grumpy brown bear and his friend, a hare, who looks – with his doleful eyes – as if he has jumped straight out of Watership Down to escape the bulldozers.

The bear has never experienced Christmas because he spends all winter hibernating in a cave, we learn.

People rarely watch these shows with undiluted attention, however.

More than half of all adults (53 per cent) “media mesh”, to use the terrible industry jargon, which means they fiddle about on another device, perhaps playing Candy Crush while watching Lady Mary turn down another suitor, or critiquing Anton’s paso doble on Facebook during Strictly.

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Singing a cover for a department store advert may not sound like a credible move for a successful chart-topper such as Allen.

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