Dating scam format

This version of the electoral register is never sold to companies for marketing purposes.However, the same is not true for the ‘edited’ version of the electoral register.

Troy Hunt is an Australian security researcher and software developer who has tirelessly researched the people, the motivations, and the methods behind the fake IT support scam.This is freely sold to whoever wants it, and is a great way for enterprising scammers to get a list of people to target.However, it’s very easy to remove yourself from this list. For the past few months, your computer has been running slowly. I mean, you only bought it last year and the person in the store said it was a really good computer. You agree, and €200 is debited from your Master Card.He said it was Out of the blue, your landline rings. The young man on the other end stays on the line for another ten minutes and installs a program you’re never heard of.

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