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1The juxtaposition between bachelorette parties (Screaming! 3Unintentionally-awkward sex scene in a boat parked in a driveway. 2Everyone in this movie has bad prom hair in the wedding scene. 1Observation made by my friend that this movie is almost : Dermot Mulroney sends a messenger from his apartment on 9th Street to Debra Messing's apartment on what appears to be Irving Place to get his plane ticket. -1, in this movie Debra Messing is literally a ferret.

On the plane, he tells her "You can't be sure about anything." Considering she is flying a prostitute across the Atlantic, I think she's pretty sure. Not very original.__ -1__Every British person in this movie says "crikey--" and, I suspect, far too often. -3The repeated line (always said by men) "Women always have the love life they want." -3. Although large sums of money are bandied about, nobody seems to have a checkbook in this movie?

I loved everything about it - the cast, the writing and the setting.

Debra Messing and Dermot had good on screen chemistry and there were twists in the plot that I don't think anyone could have foreseen.

Sure enough, in between playacting at being an ardent couple to fool the wedding party, Kat and Nick show signs of being smitten for real.

I loved it so much I would have bought a copy on the spot leaving the theatre to have as my own.

1Dermot Mulroney checks his watch as he tells Debra Messing she's beautiful. ) and bachelor parties (low key, good scotch, normal aggression).

1Debra Messing telling Dermot Mulroney his fake-boyfriend backstory: "You're a therapist and you're crazy about me." 2Sassy British chain-smoking friend who pulls Debra away from her ex-boyfriend: "I'm saving you from yourself." 1Dermot Mulroney's a*s. 1Hideous matching bachelorette costumes and the consumption of flaming Sambuca shots, which is a big thing in the UK. 2Amy Adams' line: "You're my half-sister, but I whole love you." 3Debra Messing changing her mind and actually wanting to pay extra to have sex with Dermot Mulroney and running around drunk to a bunch of British ATMs to get enough money to do so. -1Debra Messing's aqua skirt-suit matches her aqua luggage.

In this oft-forgotten gem, Debra Messing plays a career woman with no man in her life but* three *different kinds of highlights in her hair (2005!

) who's flying to England for her little sister Amy Adams' wedding.

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