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Then body piercing followed as the next hip thing among teenagers that time. He explained that women must keep their hair naturally long and for men to keep them short. Why did he seem to know the things I planned to do?I was planning to have my nose pierced, and then I heard again Bro. Why did he manage to speak words that apply to my case each time when he could not see me?

I laughed whenever I heard him discussing the errors of other religions. During those times I was worldly and that was the truth.Growing up with a religious family while your mind is on worldly things is a bit complicated. That led from one thing to another until we all were gathered in the Church of God.Since I was young, my family had always been practicing Catholic beliefs and traditions. When I was in my teenage years, I often witnessed my father arguing with my eldest brother, John Jerry, because of religion.The day I was scheduled to have my very first tattoo – and it was supposed to be at my nape – I heard Bro. He read the verse stating that imprinting even a comma on your skin is an abominable act in the sight of God. I didn’t know that tattooing was like that in the standing of the Bible.Not wanting to be an abomination in the sight of God, I didn’t continue. Eli reading the passage in the book of Corinthians , stating that it is glory to women to have long hair. It was already down to my hips if I didn’t have it cut.

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Days after getting baptized I returned to school and surprised my peers with the way I looked. To think that his obligation now is in a worldwide scale, yet he’s able to endure.

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  1. Or she might be so concerned with maintaining a traditional image that she exerts very little sexuality, and a Western guy who is used to more confident girls will be turned off if there isn’t at least some hint of sexuality (this doesn’t mean getting physical, it just means showing confidence in your physicality).