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Paleolithic is a word that comes from the two Greek words The first stone tools were used to meet people's three basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing.

These were difficult times; there were no stores to buy food, and people had to cooperate in small groups to make clothing and shelter.

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In addition to the unusual tools, excavations by the CRAG team of the Bronze Age site unearthed other objects that shed light on the lives of the people who lived there 4,500 years ago, including this arrowhead found this year.

Excavations by researchers from Oxford University at the Moel-y-Gaer hillfort, near the village of Bodfari, have found roundhouse dwellings and examined the construction of the earthen ramparts.

The finds were made by members of the Clwydian Range Archaeology Group (CRAG) on a plateau near the Moel Arthur hill fort in northeast Wales.

The Moel Arthur hill fort and five other hill forts in the region were built around 800 B. The Bronze Age site excavated by the CRAG team is thought to be much older: built around 2500 B. [Read full story about the excavations at the Bronze Age site]The stone tools found by the CRAG team vary in size, from around 8.5 inches (220 millimeters) long down to about 2 inches (50 mm) long.

They are made from slabs of hard limestone, and are roughly triangular in shape. Archeologists don't yet know what they were used for, but each shows heavy signs of wear and pitting at the sharpest end, indicating they have been used to hammer or chip away at other rocks.

Archeologist Ian Brooks thinks they may have been used to chip away at rock faces and boulders to create marks and designs, such as ring shapes, a characteristic type of ornamentation found at many Bronze Age sites in Britain.

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Moel Arthur is one of at least six major hillforts in the Clywdian range.

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