Capital dating back to 1000 ad

Believing that the first phase of his plan is coming to fruition, Naga Sadow orders his Massassi warriors to retrieve the Starbreaker 12 from the Ziost hangar, and plant a hidden tracking beacon on it.

During the chaos and confusion of the meeting, Sadow takes the opportunity available and claims the vacant title of Dark Lord of the Sith.In the course of their adventures, however, Gav and Jori find themselves on the run from Ssk Kahorr, a merchant lord who loses a fortune using one of the Daragon's newly mapped routes.Due to this, the duo are themselves destitute and without a ship.The remaining two story arcs, The Golden Age of the Sith and The Fall of the Sith Empire, occur in the year 5000 BBY and revolve around Sith Lord Naga Sadow and his schemes to invade Republic space through his manipulation of the Daragon siblings, Gav and Jori.The first story arc, entitled Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon, was written by veteran Star Wars author Tom Veitch and was part of the first series of comics, which eventually became known as Knights of the Old Republic.

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