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To solve this problem, you will need to get yourself a heavy duty, industrial grade paper shredder.The Stack & Shred uses industrial grade blades that deliver precision cuts to destroy up to seven documents at time.Sometimes paper shredders don’t make the cut when you need to destroy large amounts of material.Heavier materials are likely impossible to get through the cutter system, and there come times when you need to shred documents made from different materials such as, CD disks, credit cards, and other materials.If you’re looking for a compact Omni-potent heavy duty shredder, then we suggest the Fellowes Intellishred PS-79CI.

It has an exterior light indicator that tells you when the bin is full without having to open it.

A standout feature of this product is its dust emissions system, which prevents dust buildup with every use within the machine.

The 104.33 CC Heavy Duty Office shredder lives up to its name.

Its Silent Shred feature destroys paperwork quietly, which is especially useful in office settings.

Users of the machine also enjoy its Safe Sense technology that shuts off the machine as soon as a finger is placed within the loading dock.

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