Be the king of the jungle again with online dating

The Sound Wave Attack is used by clapping into the microphone.The Jungle Buddies are also controlled by using the drums.The bananas from the jungle are also all stolen, scattered throughout the various kingdoms.Donkey Kong decides to help by facing and defeating the kings of each kingdom to both liberate the kingdoms and reclaim the bananas.In this game, Donkey Kong is given a new move called the Sound Wave Attack.The Sound Wave Attack consists of an outer green ring mostly used to stun enemies and an inner red ring generally used to defeat enemies and grab beats.Combos increase the amount of beats earned from bananas by the combo number; in the case of banana bunches, this number is also multiplied by three.

One day, the peace of the jungle was disrupted by a rampaging pack of wild baddies who wreaked havoc on the residents of the jungle.

These beats act as not only a score but also as the player's health throughout a kingdom.

Taking damage after the beat total is reduced to zero results in a Game Over, and the player must restart from the beginning of the kingdom.

In addition, there is the Opening Ceremony, as well as the Cactus King and Ghastly King stages, adding up to 19 total kingdoms.

Kingdoms are unlocked by clearing each barrel (and in the D Barrel's case, by clearing Opening Ceremony and the Banana Kingdom), but may not be accessed until the number of crests shown on each plaque is obtained.

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The Sound Wave Attack can also be used for various other purposes depending on the situation.

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