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Our parents have saved and invested through the largest bull market in history.It’s understandable that parents want to help their children out.With stock markets around the world reaching record highs in 2017, surely average net worth figures are also reaching record highs.The only people who should be worried are renters who also don’t invest in stocks.

6) Welcomes constructive criticism and is not overly sensitive from friends, loved ones, and strangers in order to keep improving. 7) Has a healthy amount of self-esteem to be able to lead change and believe in themselves.

4) Takes responsibility for their own actions when things go wrong and learns from the situation to make things better.

5) Takes action by leveraging free tools on the internet to track their net worth, minimize investment fees, manage their budget, and stay on top of their finances in general.

We’ll focus on the simple 401K system we have here where one can contribute a maximum of ,000 of their pre-tax income every year in 2017.

This chart can be used as a rough estimate for those with the RRSP plan in Canada, and retirement plans in Europe and Australia as well.

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