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(Episode 720: I Do, Again) In the original book series, Caroline's parents were Henry and Charlotte Quiner. She had two sisters, Eliza and Martha, and three brothers, Joseph, Thomas (known as Uncle Tom in These Happy Golden Years) and Henry (known as Uncle Henry in Little House in the Big Woods and On the Shores of Silver Lake). Caroline was portrayed by Karen Grassle in all of her appearances throughout the series.

She had a stepsister, Lottie, and a sister, Martha, who died before Caroline was born. She was also portrayed by Erin Cottrell in the Little House on the Prairie miniseries (2005).

Caroline did seem to have one weakness that she was never really able to cope with, and that was that she felt terrible that she was never able to bare Charles a son. A Little House of Their Own (2005) The first four books were written by Maria D.

This hit her hard later in life, when she found out she could have no more children which made her feel of no use to her husband. Wilkies and the rest were written by Celia Wilkins.

After they had lived in Walnut Grove for a while, Charles' wheat crop was ruined by a hailstorm, which left him looking out of town for work.

After marrying Charles, the two lived in the big woods of Wisconsin; they moved to the prairies of Kansas next, but had to leave after being ordered out by the government.

She had three brothers, Joseph, Henry, and Thomas, a sister, Eliza who would eventually marry Charles' brother Peter, and a younger half-sister, Charlotte "Lottie" Holbrook.

Her father died when she was a young child however, so her mother later married Fredrick Holbrook.

Although resistant to him at first, Caroline was touched by his kindness during a very special childhood Christmas when she was feeling especially sad, and she soon learned to love and respect her new stepfather as if he were her natural father. Once, Charles invited Caroline to go with him to a barn dance and never showed up; mad, Caroline went home.

Charles showed up and at her house and explained why he wasn't there; he was beaten up by school bullies.

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But she had to quit when her and Charles moved to a house near no school.

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