6 month dating anniversary gifts for her medical insurance dating insurance

Or an iron sculpture, maybe a sculpture of a tree or flower with candy tied to the branches of the tree or to the leaves and petals of the flower. You could get one or a set of varying sizes and fill the skillets with pancake mixes and sweet maple syrups.

Or if waffles are your thing a waffle iron is another great idea.

There are lots of great Bread and Breakfasts and lodges in New England and Canada where they make maple syrup.

Trip Advisor publishes thousands of in-depth user hotel reviews, or if you want to try something more unique, Airbnb allows travelers to stay at thousands of unique places.

Or for a really special gift how about sticking tickets to wine country in the wine rack so you can pick your own wines right at the vineyards. Their selection of jelly beans and jelly bean jars either single flavors or mixed variety is particularly intriguing. I highly recommend Cheryl’s Cookies for wonderful choices and great shipping services…no broken cookies.

The Old Time Candy Company specializes in vintage candies from the 1950s, 60S, 70S, 80S and 90S.

Luxury chocolate maker Vosges has unique seasonal flavors which can’t be found elsewhere.

If the season is right you could take your partner on a trip to maple syrup country.

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A sixth anniversary celebration implies your relationship has strength and stability so what a better gift category than iron.

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