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When challenged that it was the women’s role to play the best tennis they could, rather than look sexy, Stich stuck to his guns.

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Of particular note is the System R project at IBM's San Jose Research Laboratory in California, which was developed during the late 1970s.

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S1/Ep2 Wayne restored Mark's Ferrari Lusso and is helping him build up a car collection. Two of the world's biggest DJs team up for ' So Far Away', a track that was debuted at this year's Tomorrowland and originally featured Ellie Goulding on vocals! Here at Viva HQ we can't contain our excitement until Friday - you've nearly made it over the hump and we're counting down to the weekend with 20 of the biggest feel-good hits!

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They lined up on stage in groups of 10 and each sang a short segment of a song "a cappella." After each group had finished, the judges cut those they felt not talented enough. In the final round, all the remaining contestants performed individually a song chosen from a large list of songs provided accompanied by the band and three backup singers.

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Blinky Poem #1, I Don't Wanna Work Mistakes, Zorak's Blues, Mail Bag Day: Crazy Home, Talkin' in My Sleep (Tolarkian), New Powerbands Lima Beans, Closing Theme Skits: Rehearse Opening: Living Ghost Thinkers, Zorak's Horrorscopes: Leo Crazy Lovesick Fool, Zorak's Nuggets of Joy: Plankton, Brak's School Daze: Yearbook Vacation, Spots of The Universe: Mr. H." (11 minutes), I Am Weasel—"This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge" (7 minutes), Dexter's Laboratory—"Dexter Dodgeball" (7 minutes), Cow and Chicken—"Who Is Super Cow? Santa's Claws" (7 minutes), Evil Con Carne—"Christmas Con Cane" (7 minutes) Skits: TBA Shows: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends—"Everyone Knows it's Bendy" (11 minutes), Chowder—"The Vacation" (11 minutes), The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack—"The Sweet Life" (11 minutes), Courage the Cowardly Dog—"The Duck Brothers" (11 minutes) Skits: TBA Shows: Dexter's Laboratory—"Lab of The Lost" (7 minutes), Codename: Kids Next Door—"Operation: C. Skits: Brak's Comedy Jokes Shows: Camp Lazlo—"Lumpy Treasure" (11 minutes), The Powerpuff Girls—"Monkey See, Doggie Do" (11 minutes), Courage the Cowardly Dog—"Hothead" (11 minutes), Robotomy—"Bling Thing" (11 minutes) Notes: First episode to feature a Cartoon Network show that has been discontinued or short-lived. Pixie Fairie" (7 minutes), Dexter's Laboratory—"Dream Machine" (7 minutes), Evil Con Carne—"The Trouble with Skarrina" (7 minutes) Skits: Zorak's Poatry Beat, Brak's Comedy Joke, Horse Pellas, Controller's Running out of Power, More Brek's Comedy Jokes, Brek's Dream Shows: Camp Lazlo—"It's No Picnic" (11 minutes), The Powerpuff Girls—"Supper Villain" (11 minutes), Courage the Cowardly Dog—"Klub Katz" (11 minutes), Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy—"A Pinch to Grow an Ed" (11 minutes) Skits: Mini Break, Make Yo Go Splat!

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🎋 I am always delighted to open an appointment window for you on my advent calendar.🎋 To avoid disappointment, just message me a Christmas Cooie on Textchat 79090 🎋 My 1 💋 5 🎋 7 💋 1🎋 selection box offers a treat for everyone! © 🎋 Anyone caught stealing my merry ideas will get a sharp tap on their big nose with a Candy Cane from Santa Claus!